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    About Us

    Welcome to Amar Pets Medical Centre which has a distinct reputation of providing high quality care for pets over two decades. We combine the latest technologies in veterinary science coupled with care and compassion to provide care for your beloved pet.

    We also specialize in utilization of advanced technologies such as radiology, ultrasound and sophisticated in house laboratories which provides a quality pet care support and service. That technology is backed up by a team of truly caring staff members and experienced, knowledgeable veterinarians who have one goal: the health and happiness of your pet.


    We recommend an appropriate wellness care schedule for your pet based on it’s age and lifestyle.


    We are well equipped to perform wide range of surgeries for your pet with special care.


    We have a team of expert groomers who offer such services on pre-scheduled appointment.

    A to Z Of Pets

    Our Services

    Wellness Exams

    We recommend an annual physical exam for pets under 8 years of age and twice yearly for pets that have reached their golden years.

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    We recommend an appropriate wellness care schedule for your pet based on it’s age and lifestyle.

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    We have a team of three experienced groomers who offer such services on pre-scheduled appointment from Monday through Friday.

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     We are well equipped to perform all routine surgeries for your pet. Which covers a wide range of non-routine type surgeries,

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    Nutritional Counseling

    Your pet’s nutritional requirements will change during the various stages of growth – adulthood to senior years.

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    What Our Pet Owners Are Saying

    Amazing Feedback

    Best vet doctor and is so friendly in nature. He is so knowledgeable and is never money minded

    Sruthi R

    Excellent veterinary doctor, and good facilities for routine checks and usual surgical interventions. One stop for dogs, cats, and any other pets. Been a regular for many years for series of cats.

    Subrata Rakshit

    Very responsive and caring doctor. He explains the reason for almost anything and gives time for his clients. One of the best doctor to ever come across

    Girish Reddy K

    Amar Pets Medical Centre is run by Dr Amarnath, and he is an amazing vet who is empathetic and listens to everything pet owners have to say.

    Gokul Nair

    Best vet so far for my fur baby.. he loves going to his vet.

    Dipali Vasani

    Dr. Amaranth is well experienced veterinarian treating pets, he will patiently hear to the pet owners & provide the best treatment. Consultation charges in the mid range. One can surely recommend him.

    k radhakrishna

    Excellent Doctor. Being going to him for 30+ years. My dogs fit

    Satchit Anand Menon

    Dr Amarnath is a life saver. Other doctors and hospitals had given up on our dog and had asked us to euthanize her. Under Dr Amarnath's treatment, she recovered completely ! Your kids(pets) are in excellent hands if he's your vet !

    Monami Basu

    Very friendly with the customer and good experience variety of medicine and good quality...

    Raghu Ram

    I visited this clinic today for my cat. The doctor was really caring and handled my cat in a good way. He was very polite and knowledgeable. My first time experience was great here.

    Supritha C L

    Friendly staff, have good knowledge about the products they sell and can provide you with the right substitutes. Reliable source for your pets medical needs.

    Jamuna Jain

    Dr. Amarnath is a good at diagnosing his pets, doesn't believe in strong dosage of medicine which can harm the pets, has a straight forward approach in telling pet owners the actual status. Definitely recommend Amar Pet clinic to pet lovers

    Gurudath Pai