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    About Us

    Welcome to Amar Pets Medical Centre which has a distinct reputation of providing high quality care for pets over two decades. We combine the latest technologies in veterinary science coupled with care and compassion to provide care for your beloved pet.

    Our services include general examinations, surgery, diagnostic lab work, pet boarding and grooming for pets. We emphasize on preventive care, including wellness examinations and regular vaccinations.

    Why Amar Pets

    We also specialize in utilization of advanced technologies such as radiology, ultrasound and sophisticated in house laboratories which provides a quality pet care support and service. That technology is backed up by a team of truly caring staff members and experienced, knowledgeable veterinarians who have one goal: the health and happiness of your pet.

    Why do you need a pet at home?

    Do you often come home after work only to find yourself all alone? Well all you need is a companion, an adorable one too who can comfort you with a hug and couple of licks. Yes, pets are man’s best friend, as they say.

    Furry kittens and puppies need constant love and affection but they give back more in return. They become your friends for life. We at Amar Pet Medical Centre try to provide all round help in the development of your four legged friends. Our main aim is perfect in pet care which we have achieved through knowledgeable staff and good quality equipment.